Rupture of the pectoral muscle!


I hope that you found my site interesting. I am Nico, an athlete who suffered this injury in summer 2006 in the Netherlands. The injury stopped my athletic career. At that time I could not find a surgeon that could help me with my injury (visited at least 10 surgeons and none would touch me at that time). Also on the internet there was hardly any good and clear information about this injury. In 2007 I found a surgeon that tried to operate on me but he failed to repair my tear in a proper way. So within a few weeks I ruptured my pectoralis again. At that time I started to study the subject intensively. All the studies I read you can find at the link "Scientific literature". Many people started to write me about their injury and I started to classify pec-tear injuries based on type of rupture. My conclusion and findings I summarized at the link "". I am not a surgeon, so always double check my information and advice with your own surgeon. About my own situation; it is MARCH 2014 right now and I just got my secod operation done. After reviewing all surgeons I found a surgeon who was perfect for my pec tear. I got the surgery done in JAN 2014 and I am recovering very well.

Please e-mail me if you have read my website thoroughly at info @ If you are a surgeon who wants to be added on this website, then I would appreciate if you had some patients that could recommend you. Also you have to have experience with chronic retracted tears.