Rupture of the pectoral muscle!

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Athletes commonly call the rupture of the pectoralis major muscle a "Pec Tear or a Pec rupture". On this site you will find as much as possible information about this terrible injury. The purpose of this site is to help athletes to learn more about ruptures of the pectoralis muscle and to help them find a surgeon. The reason to start this site is because that pec tears are a "rare" injury and it is hard to find doctors that have experience with these kind of injuries. If you want to know why I started this site, then click at the contact link.

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Frequent questions:
1. Do you know a doctor close to my area that is experienced in fixing pec tears?
Answer: All the doctors that I hear of (unfortunately not a lot yet) who fixed more then a few pec tears AND have good references I do add them directly on this website, link:

2. I had a rupture xx years ago, can they still reattach the muscle years later with success?
Answer: You firstly have to find out what kind of muscle rupture you have. Go to a doctor and ask him to find out what kind of rupture you have. Read and the science links. It is a complicated answer and solution, it all depends on the type of tear you have.