Rupture of the pectoral muscle!

Photo Gallery of Pec Tears

Dr. Carlos Guanche from the Southern California Orthopedic Institute performs this pectoralis major reconstruction. VIDEO:


Partial rupture in the musculotendinous junction of the pectoralis major muscle... before and after pictures clearly show the bulging of the
 muscle when contracted.pec tear



The obvious loss of the contour of the pectoralis due to the retraction of the muscle medially.

The loss of the pectoralis is emphasized with contraction of the muscle.pectoralis major rupture contraction

Recently ruptured - note the bruise on the arm


Very recent pec tear. Note the hanging pec. The MRI could not conclusively tell if this was a complete tear. In the operation room it seemed that this was a complete tear at the humeral insertion.
recent pec tear


Recent complete tear at the humeral insertion.

40 weeks post operative
post operative pec tear\


Former Dutch bodybuilding champion Henk Visser with complete pec tear from the humeral insertion. henk visser pec tear


Complete Distal tear tendon-bone


This AXIAL MRI picture shows a pec tear ver well(click for larger image)
pectoralis major tear MRI


Complete rupture of both heads of the pec from the humerus, two years old. You only see the muscle belly after it was freed from adhesions because there's no tendon left after 2 yrs. The muscle must be freed-up like this before it can be re-attached to the proximal humerus drilled trough.
pectoralis major muscle

Chris Tore his pec Partially from the humerus AND in the musculotendinous junction. The doctor brought in a semitendinosis graft from a cadaver donor. But the retraction of the muscle was less then expected and the doc was able to operate without using the grafts