Enrique dodges answering about Mbappe.

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PSG boss Luis Enrique dodges answering questions about the use of Kylian Mbappe, instead focusing on everyone in the team.

Paris Saint-Germain visits Real Sociedad in the Champions League round of 16, second match, this Tuesday, with the first game PSG winning first 2-0. 

For a press conference last Monday Reporters tried to inquire about Mbappe, who was remove from the game for the last two matches. ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Since coming off the bench to score the winner against Nantes on Feb. 17, the 25-year-old was substitute in two consecutive Ligue 1 games in which PSG were held to draws.

Bombarded with questions about Mbappe, Luis Enrique appeared agitated at times and kept joking with the UEFA translator that he was not really understanding the questions.

“It’s very easy to manage (the flood of Mbappe questions), I just take whatever questions the journalists want and answer whatever I want, that’s my formula,” Luis Enrique told a press conference at San Sebastian on Monday.

“What I expect from the team is that everyone has to push themselves to compete. Able to face the games we have been through all season,”

“I feel like the team is confident. Our goal is to win. Coming to victory at this stadium is extremely difficult.

The media still hasn’t given up, asking Enrique again, this time repeating the words of the head coach who stated that sooner or later the team must adjust to playing without Mbappe in the team, which will mean this match. At all or not?

“Sometimes yes (not starting), sometimes no, who knows?

“It’s very easy. (Handling answers to questions about Mbappe) You have to accept questions from journalists. and answer what you want to say.”