Oblak urges team to raise standards.

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Jan Oblak has urged his teammates to raise the standard of play in order to be at their best for the rest of the season.

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak has urged his team-mates to play with more aggression and raise the bar as they hope to finish as high as possible. Including turning the situation around to face Inter Milan on the Champions League Round of 16 stage. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Atletico Madrid was eliminated from the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey after losing to Athletic Bilbao with a total score of 0-4, while in their performance on the Champions League round of 16 stage, they lost. 0-1 to Inter Milan in the first game before playing a revenge game on Wednesday, March 13, but the Atletico team still has a good chance of finishing the season in the top four of La Liga after the win against Real. Betis 2-1 on Sunday That makes the Atletico team collect 55 points from 27 games played, 5 points ahead of fifth-place Athletic Bilbao before playing the final 11 games.

Oblak played a key role in the recent victory over Betigo. After the Slovenian goalkeeper made a great save in the final minute of the game. But it also caused concern for Atletico fans because it was a goal conceded in 7 of the last 8 games.

Asked if he had concerns about Atletico Madrid’s defence, Oblak replied: ‘I don’t have these doubts coming from this season. We all need to improve. We have to be more aggressive. And that’s why we concede more goals from outside the penalty area. Because we haven’t moved closer to our competitors. But by talking, we don’t develop. We have to do it on the field. We have to increase our aggressiveness.’

Oblak also called on his team-mates to raise their standards and look forward to catching Girona and Barcelona in the final 11 games and giving his all to turn things around against Inter Milan too.

‘Football changes very quickly from one game to the next. On Thursday We are all disappointed There is excitement about the football cup. The team must have trust. Trust and have ambition to achieve bigger things. It’s not enough to think that being fourth is good. It’s not right and we have to demand that for ourselves.’

‘Facing Inter we have to do everything to come back. leave everything there And I hope we can do it. and continue in the Champions League and finish in the league as high as possible. Even though we’re still far from number one.’